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Monday, January 28, 2013

Detachment - A Brief Video

In the video below there are a number of poignant symptoms that would contribute to Louis' detachment. Detachment from family, detachment from school, detachment from friends, detachment from self. It is the detachment from self that is troublesome; especially for teens. Ironically when detachment (and yes headphones in the ears when being spoken to is a form of detachment, it's not a sign of the times!) begins to occur those in and around your life become more demanding - do this! why aren't you doing that! - even though you are at your most vulnerable. It is this vulnerability that needs to be protected, validated and nurtured. Our culture has lost this intuitive sense to protect our young.

In the video Louis finds solace unexpectedly in a young boy. Even in their very brief encounter   Louis witnesses wonderment and playfulness. This experience transcends Louis back into a sense of who he was as a young boy. He has naturally been able to tap into his sense of self again; a self that he desperately needs re-connecting too but can't access because life's pressures are holding him down. The realities of growing towards adulthood have a tendency to do that to teens!

The interaction between Louis and the boy is very powerful! This is not an experience that Louis will purposely shut out, he needs this interaction with the young boy. It helps nurture his soul and honour his need to be loved unconditionally. It honours his sense of self and that he too is a young boy who just wants to live life free from expectations and pressures; people coming down on him. Louis is hurting emotionally. His parents are bickering and on the verge of a separation and tangled in their own life circumstances and their son is hurting. Who is there for Louis? We must be mindful that our kids still need guidance, they still need attention, they still need their parents!

Despite the pressures Louis' interaction with the young boy provokes a sense of giving in him. It is wonderfully amazing to watch Louis share his beloved toys with the young boy and re-connect with his inner self. A very healing moment for him and one that demonstrates the need for human connection with one another especially at times of distress. Just BEING with someone is all that one needs. No judgement, no blame, just BE.




Shaw, Rosie. (2012). Detached. Retrieved 28 January 2013 from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6tNTh0IQtg

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Power to the Parents" Workshop - Royal Ottawa Hospital

The next Conversations at The Royal presentation Power to the Parents” on Tuesday February 5, 2013 at 7 pm.

Registration is requested
If you would like to attend the February 5th session please register.

Brief Summary:
As parents and caregivers, you have got the power to transform your child’s experience with mental health. Join us February 5th at 7pm in our auditorium (see details below) for our Power to the Parents mental health workshop. We’ll equip your with practical tips and tools to empower you to reach out and connect with your children through meaningful conversations around mental well-being. To guide you in this transformation, The Royal’s Annmarie Nicholson along with Ian Fisher from the Ottawa Police Service will share their experience as parents supporting a child through mental health concerns and crisis.

In addition to learning practical tips and tools, the workshop will give you an understanding of:

•        the realities faced by youth today
•        how to lay the foundation for open communication
•        how to recognize when a child might be in distress
•        how to take a reasoned and responsive approach

With a final note on self-care, parents will leave our workshop feeling ready, willing and able to reach out to their youth and also care for themselves while doing so.

When: February 5, 2013
Time: 7 pm
Where: Auditorium, The Royal
1145 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario

For more information, please contact Sue Riley at sue.riley@theroyal.ca
Thank you.